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Hiring During COVID-19

Our clients are asking us if they should still hire during this crisis. Most have determined that answer to be yes and we are asking these questions to help them make that decision:
1. Is this position critical enough to hire now?
2. What happens if you wait 2-3 months to hire?
3. Who on the team is affected by not hiring now?
4. Can a contractor cover the workload until you are ready to hire?
5. Are you prepared to interview and hire someone you may not meet in-person?
6. Is your company equipped to start a new employee remotely?
The answers to these questions above will tell you if you should hire now. With so many people working remotely, candidates are available to interview and are receptive to new opportunities through our network. We can provide a long-term solution or a contractor to bridge the gap. We are facing some interesting times in the next few months. Remember, as we adjust to a temporary norm, businesses will adapt and figure out a way to move forward. The openings that were critical 3-4 weeks ago aren’t any less critical now that many have put hiring on pause. Progressive companies will shift interviewing and hiring practices to adjust to the situation. If we can help in any way, please let us know!
Phillip Bell, President