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The Importance of the Talent Scout

By: Jeremy Misterek, Recruiting Practice Lead

Top Talent: How easily can your company secure the best talent? Professional sports teams see the value of using talent scouts, do you?

Talent scouts, agents, recruiters, headhunters, professional net-workers, matchmakers… Whatever term you may refer to those individuals who locate the talent others miss doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you rely on professionals who dedicate their time to finding top talent day in, day out. Sure, the Royals will sign someone who is an obvious all-star with their hands waving in the air for a new opportunity, but they do not rely on this for every position. There is a vast network of scouts and talent agents who find the passive or undiscovered talent. These scouts and talent agents, much like a good recruiter, spend their days and evenings finding top talent to bring to their client’s organization.

Would you attempt to produce the product your company does, and if you did would you expect the same quality? Of course not! Then why is it any different when filling a vacant role or a contract need? Chances are, you do not have the luxury of always locating the best talent, and if you do, it is still very much a guessing game when it comes time to hire. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the right candidate stand out just like in the image attached to this post? If that was the case no one would ever miss the mark on hiring. This is not the case though, is it?

Many organizations have a robust recruiting team and database that allow them to cast a wide and quick net when it comes to talent, and that is great. However, not every company has this depth, and the truth is, many companies that do have the depth do not yield the best talent from these efforts. This is where Bell & Associates, Inc. comes into the picture.

At Bell & Associates, Inc, all we do is match the highest caliber talent with the highest caliber organizations. We talk to top talent every day, and we dedicate the man-hours needed to secure top talent for your organization. Our firm has a large network of passively seeking candidates who will exceed your expectations. We tailor the search to your position and actively source passive talent to ensure we provide your organization with the top talent in your area.

Not sure if Bell & Associates, Inc is the right firm for your search? Take a look at our website to see the vast areas of professional positions we specialize in and the current talent we are working with (www.bellsearchfirm.com). Bell & Associates, Inc. is comprised of tenured recruiters who have niche specialties and years of experience in their given areas. This, along with our client and candidate focused business practice, is why more and more people are turning to Bell & Associates, Inc for their hiring needs.

Our clients find that it is taking longer than expected to fill their open requisitions. Average time-to-fill for Staff-Manager level roles is now approaching 10-12 weeks, sometimes longer. Unfortunately, most hiring managers enter the recruitment process expecting their position to be filled in 3-4 weeks. The increased time the position is open puts additional work, burden, and stress on the rest of the staff or the hiring manager.

Bell & Associates, Inc can help both for the short term and long term hire. Let us supply you with a Contractor to cover the workload in the interim while we perform an exhaustive search to find the right hire for the long term. We are talking to passively searching professionals every day across the country, so we can quickly provide top contract talent to cover the workload now in addition to providing the impact performer for the full-time role.