Thorough Search.

Proven Results.

When starting a new search, our goal is to provide three interviewable candidates within seven days. This recipe of delivering the highest-quality candidates as quickly as possible enables our clients to make successful hires. We believe speed plus quality always wins, and we never sacrifice results for the sake of brevity. We dedicate ourselves to delivering the best talent available while maintaining the flexibility required to foster your success.

Speed Plus Quality Equals Success

Bell & Associates, Inc. has remained committed to a process driven by three tenets: thoroughness, accuracy, and speed. With every search we accept, we take the time to understand our clients' hiring needs. While we are quick to deliver candidates to our clients, we are thorough in our process and do not skip steps along the way. Placing equal emphasis on these three tenets is key while not sacrificing one for another.

Our Services

Engaged / Executive Search

Our clients prefer this model of partnership when the hiring need is of top priority. We have a 93% success rate placing candidates with engaged searches. We provide performance guarantees so our clients are assured we will deliver top talent plus provide an extended guarantee on the placed candidate to ensure the right hire was made for the long-term.

Direct Hire

From screening and sourcing candidates to the onboarding process, we can help your organization find and place the right talent for your open position. Our direct hire process is built on collaboration and results, ensuring we find the right fit for your specific needs.

Contract / Contract-to-hire

Giving you the flexibility to experience organizational fit or to cover a temporary assignment, our contract/contract-to-hire solutions allows for hiring options. You can work with and try out top talent, ensuring accurate results and mitigating potential risks.

Request top talent or have an opening on your team.

We’re committed to your success with the requisite knowledge and industry expertise to deliver high-caliber results.