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VP/Director of Client Success/Client Services


Client-facing, operations VP with 20+ years of experience in the financial services industry with S&P 500 Index company. He has ten years of experience leading teams and managing complex clients and projects, most recently leading a full virtual team since 2019. Under his leadership, his team was able to accomplish many things including:

  • Streamlined four unique client segments focusing on one cohesive client engagement strategy for multiple product lines based on client needs, resulting in more satisfied clients and cost savings of 20%.
  • Created standardized engagement models for client needs to ensure key deliverables are met for over 1200 clients.
  • Established a strong associate-led culture to support client first vision resulting in a 25% improvement in satisfaction.
  • Implemented an enhanced revenue lead program resulting in over 300 new leads and $1.25 million in annual revenue.

Committed to creating a culture of excellence, quality, service, and profitability. Passionate about coaching individuals, leaders, and teams to meet and surpass their goals. Exceptional talent in planning, decision-making, problem solving, and exceeding customer satisfaction. Driven by a sense of urgency, customer needs, ownership, and personal accountability committed to personal and professional growth.

Seeking target salary of $180k+/year.