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Our firm has started 56 new client searches in February thus far at just past the middle of the month.  This after 64 new client searches in January.  It is difficult to tell with all the hiring news and statistics out there as to what is actually going on in the market.  What is actual and what is just noise?  Though a small sample size, hiring and new jobs are significantly up from this time last year and show no sign of slowing anytime soon.  

Early data seems to support this as leading job platforms LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor indicate an uptick across many industries and functions as compared to previous years.  This coupled with increased recruiting budgets also seems to support our observations.  Surveys completed by SHRM and Careerbuilder show companies are allocating larger budgets toward recruitment in 2024 than in years past.  

With an increase in new job activity and client hiring, we are networking with more and more top talent selectively open to new opportunities.  If your company plans to hire in the areas of Accounting/Finance, Human Resources, Engineering, or Executive Leadership; chances are we are networking with candidates who line up well for that role.  Reach out to one of our recruiters to discuss an opening on your team and candidates we can provide.  Visit our website for more information – www.bellsearchfirm.com